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How To Deal With A Screaming Child

Today I've got a little something for you that is hitting pretty close to home these days... Screaming. (!!!!) Whether it's the "super-excited-the-world-is-amazing" type of screaming or the "how-dare-you-cut-my-muffin-in-two" variety, those loud outbursts can be crazy hard to handle. So ... READ the POST

Parenting Hack: Teaching Kids to Make Good Decisions

Because nothing is more frustrating than trying to deliver a "teachable moment" your kids want nothing to do with, today I've got one of my fave ways to win their cooperation and encourage good decision making while having fun in the process. And the best part? You can start using it today. ... READ the POST

Why I Don’t Tell My Kids to Use Their Words

While "use your words" is the go-to phrase for parents of toddlers and pre-schoolers everywhere, it's a phrase I avoid like the plague. Because if you think about it, how is "Use your words!" usually received?Blank stares? Fidgeting? Staring off into space?From our kids' perspective, what ... READ the POST

How to Get Your Kids to Listen

When our kids listen, we're golden. When they don't, our response can range from being mildly frustrated to wanting to tear our hair out. In an effort to increase those golden moments and save you from hair-plug surgery, I'm sharing the #1 reason your kids aren't listening (warning -- don't ... READ the POST

Unstructured Play is A-Ok

With summer just around the corner, I'm getting TONS of questions about what the heck to do with the kids! This week I had the pleasure of joining the ladies of Social Common on their hit live show to discuss my plans for summer vacation and my top tips on how to deal when the kids get bored ... READ the POST

Prepping for Our First Road Trip with Kids

Winter was a bit of an experience around here. It’s always our crazy time of year with the hubs and I both busy with work, me head down in the books plugging away at my Masters, and of course —  the inevitable sickness that always seems to descend in February and March. So now that May has ... READ the POST


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