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8 Ways Perfectionism Makes Parenting Harder Than It Needs to Be

My kids love blankets. It’s cute when I wander down in the morning and find them snuggled on the couch, watching hockey highlights from the night before.  Or when they carefully drape them over their chairs at the dinner table so they’re nice and cozy for meals. What’s not so ... READ the POST

forget about being “right”

When it comes to parenting (and navigating life in general) it’s really easy to get caught in the trap of wanting to “do the right thing.” But the way I see it, it doesn’t matter if you’re always right. ... READ the POST

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. (Which is actually quite an accomplishment, as I’m usually “that mom” who only remembers these sorts of things at the last possible second.) Anyhoo, as soon as I saw it pop up in my calendar, I found myself having flashbacks to our first holiday ... READ the POST

Please excuse the mess…

I'm sure you've noticed that my posts have looked a little different lately. The biggest difference being that I'm actually posting again. The summer was a big slow down period for me, as the kids were home with me full-time.  I think I wrote one post in September. And then crickets. ... READ the POST

Accepting Imperfection

Confession time. I care what people think of me. I've been working really hard at letting this go and I thought I was there. I was wrong. ... READ the POST


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