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How to be Less Judgemental | Parenting A to Z

As I was getting ready to publish this week's vid, I realized I had made a *major* oversight. This week is all about judgement. I feel most (if not all!) of us have felt the sting of judgement at one time or another. I'm sure a lot of us are guilty of dishing it out ourselves. I know I am. ... READ the POST

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. (Which is actually quite an accomplishment, as I’m usually “that mom” who only remembers these sorts of things at the last possible second.) Anyhoo, as soon as I saw it pop up in my calendar, I found myself having flashbacks to our first holiday ... READ the POST

Lessons from a garbage collector

I never really know what I’m going to see when I head out for school pick-up. Today I was doing double take after double take. ... READ the POST

4 Reasons Praise Stinks (And What to Say Instead)

I try not to praise my kids. I know that every parenting magazine under the sun tells you to lather on the praise nice and thick.  After all, don't kids need praise to build their self-esteem?!  Doesn't praise build their confidence and make them feel good?! ... READ the POST

Sometimes You Have To Let Them Cry

Am I the only one who feels others' judgement when my children cry in public? The lowered eyes, the 'tsk tsks'.  All seeming to say, 'You really don't know what you're doing, do you?' and 'Aren't you going to do something about that?'. Judge Judys out in full force. ... READ the POST


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