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The toilet paper incident

Our kids’ Christmas holiday schedule was a bit wonky this year. In school right up until the 23rd of December, they'll remain in holiday mode until January 9th. Determined from the start to make the most of it, we laughed and lounged and cuddled and wore our pyjamas day after day after day. And ... READ the POST

The Easiest Way to Get Yourself Out of a Funk

I always know I’m in trouble when I start muttering under my breath. When I catch myself (or let’s be honest — when my kids catch me, asking, “who are you talking to, mom?”) I know that I need to check myself. It’s like hearing my own voice is a warning that I’m about to go off the rails. ... READ the POST

Enough is Enough

Coffee is a thing for me. A part of my morning (and midday, and afternoon…) ritual that I look forward to each and every day. Recently I decided to ‘up’ my coffee game and got an espresso maker. It was love at first cup. Admittedly feeling like a bit of a weirdo for getting excited about ... READ the POST

Here’s to Finding the Sunshine

This afternoon I’ve been busy with some fairly typical tasks — a little bit of laundry, a little bit of Lego, some dog wrangling, paper writing, and video editing.  A pretty standard “day in the life.” As I was walking down our hallway, arms overflowing with size two jeans and itty bitty Superman ... READ the POST

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain

I’ve got Valentine’s Day on the brain. (Which is actually quite an accomplishment, as I’m usually “that mom” who only remembers these sorts of things at the last possible second.) Anyhoo, as soon as I saw it pop up in my calendar, I found myself having flashbacks to our first holiday ... READ the POST

Today I’m choosing wisely

I’m currently having a "life is what happens when you're making plans" moment. After spending my weekend immersed in continuing education and making some bold commitments, I was all set to hit the ground running this morning. My day all laid out before me, oozing productivity and action with a ... READ the POST


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